Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What causes poverty: A Question to think about?

Fight Extreme Poverty

Poverty is a usual problem seen to be experience by the people. This particular type of problem is experience all over the world. It is a general problem that refers to scarcity or shortage wherein people lacks sufficient quantity of wealth.There are two varieties of poverty people need to be familiar with. These are the absolute type of poverty and the relative poverty as well. When it comes to the absolute poverty it refers to the scarcity in the basic needs of human usually includes food, water, even clothing and shelter. 

Relative property talks about economic discrimination that the people would be experiencing.
What are the cause of poverty, a question usually asked by the people. This is more frequently observed to those people who are not familiar with this situation. Poverty has several causes regardless of its types. Knowing some of the causes of poverty is very important in order to get rid of this difficult situation. 

It is an interesting activity knowing some of these fundamental causes for people to unravel the sequence of causation brought by this poverty. Whether it is the absolute type or the relative type of poverty, the major causes of which are just the same that people really needs to be aware of.One of main cause of this poverty is illiteracy. This is just a manifestation for people who have poor education. This is due to the extreme difficulty they are suffering when looking for a job.

Education is very essential in attaining the sufficient wealth you wanted to have but the absence of this, you would not be wealthy as what you want. Education is very important in getting rid of this poverty since this would completely give them a successful job in the future. Health condition of the people is also included as one of the causes of this poverty. This is manifested to people who have unfortunate health status. People who have this particular type of condition cannot go to work instead they will continuously spend huge amount of money in order to revitalize their health. 

Healthy people can effectively acquire enormous opportunities for them to succeed. This would greatly help them a lot in order to fight against poverty. This unfortunate condition of the body may cause serious illnesses that may also caused poverty.Even if you have a job, poverty would always be on your side. This is when you are only acquiring low income in your job. 

This is very particular to families with huge number of members and only one is working hard for them. Low income can also be one of the major cause of poverty. This is manifested when the income that people are earning could no longer suit to their needs.Learning some of this cause is very essential for those who are still seeking answers more about the specific causes of poverty. Awareness on this causes would completely give you the best and effective way on how to fight against poverty.