Thursday, August 7, 2014

How To Effectively Fight Extreme Poverty?

Fight Extreme Poverty

A world that is free from extreme poverty requires a strong economy. Such economy must have the capacity to produce good wages as well as good job opportunities. With the current economic conditions worldwide, it become even more challenging to fight extreme poverty. Eliminating poverty needs a government with the ability to give hospitals, schools and energy, and produce health children who will act as the future’s human capital that will help develop the economy.

Fight poverty is not an individual goal that needs to achieved by a single person or nation. All society levels are accountable for eradicating poverty. The entire international, national, regional and local levels should establish regulations to efficiently fight poverty. Certainly, extreme poverty is something that is not to be taken as destiny due to the fact that is a work of men that can be put to an end.

What Causes Poverty
Poverty affects the entire aspects of life - access to healthcare, education, work, professional training and so much more. Without a joint effort to fight extreme poverty, you can never live in a beautiful world you want. The world will continue to fall and poverty will begin to prevail. Those who lead the nations are not the only individuals who are accountable for those changes. You cannot hold them liable for everything. Everyone has an individual task to do. Each of you also have a different work to perform.

What you need to do is to make conditions that will elevate the life of people to fight extreme poverty efficiently. You also need to support them to fight in their battle against poverty as hard as they can. It is also important to reach those groups and people who are affected most by this extreme poverty. In order for you to this, you have to go to those places where they were forced to live. After that, you have to build reliable alliance. Such alliances can help gear up for those significant changes and will also help get them out of their hard situation.

Battling against extreme poverty is complicated and it needs mutual efforts to obtain real success. All the responsibilities of making valuable changes should not be taken only by those leaders because it is a social accountability. It does not matter what your social status is or your economic level because it is your responsibility to help.

Collective and individual techniques need to be followed since they can help fight extreme poverty. What you need are united efforts and mutual efforts. These things are important to eliminate poverty.